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Sept 2022

Podcast appearance

Episode 59: The Pelvic Floor Project

Strength training to feel confident and capable in your body

Teresa joined Melissa Dessaulles of “The Pelvic Floor Project” podcast to discuss the benefits of strength training throughout the female lifespan, including during pregnancy & postpartum, peri- & post-menopause, and in older adults.




Mar 2022

Podcast appearance

Episode 23: Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health with Teresa Waser

Teresa joined Rhonda Chamberlain and Dayna Morellato on their “Pelvic Health & Fitness” podcast to discuss navigating changes in exercise during pregnancy and postpartum.  Teresa shares her personal journey, as well as how to address leaking with skipping, managing work-life balance, and so much more. 


Jan 2022

Webinar Series

Bia Formations:

Women’s Health Series

Teresa gave a 1hr presentation introducing the TIIPPSS-FC framework as part of this international webinar series including as case example of applying TIIPPSS-FC to leaking with double unders.  To listen to this webinar, you need to purchase the webinar or series from Bia Formations.


Jan 2022

Podcast appearance

Episode 24: Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health with Teresa Waser

Teresa joined Coach B and Coach Neens on their podcast to discuss leaking with exercise, moving with pain and so-called mobility gadgets.  Coach B also talks about her experience working with Teresa for her shoulder issues back in 2018.


March 2021

Webinar presentation

Exercise Prescription Overhaul in Musculoskeletal Pain

Teresa and Cory Blickenstaff co-presented this webinar for Embodia where they cover important aspect of matching effective exercise to the individual experiencing persistent pain.


Nov 2020

Podcast appearance

Episode 3: Teresa Waser

Teresa joined Yusa Eshaq on her podcast, Beyond the Comfort Zone to chat pelvic health and performance.


April 2020

Podcast appearance

Episode 3: Teresa Waser

Teresa joined Antony Lo & Marika Hart on their podcast, The Women’s Health Podcase to share her journey from a manual therapist to an ortho & pelvic health physiotherapist striving to incorporate a biopsychosocial approach.  She also introduced her TIIPPSS-FC framework and they dive into some discussion of pelvic health including pelvic organ prolapse.


April 2020

Webinar presentation

TIIPPSS: A framework for changing the client experience

Teresa joined Dr. Scotty Butcher as part of his Strength Jedi Council webinar series to present an introduction to the TIIPPSS-FC framework for orthopedic physiotherapists and strength training enthusiasts.


Teresa has enjoyed the following opportunities to share her knowledge:

  • Expert interview provided for The Perinatal Athlete
  • Expert interview provided for POPUp Pro
  • Guest lecturer for Master of Physical Therapy program, University of Saskatchewan
  • Senior Teaching Assistant on The Female Athlete Level 1, Level 2, and the Peak Simplicity Masterclass for The Physio Detective, Antony Lo
  • Guest speaker for Mommy Connections, Edmonton Trail Runners, LIFT program, Fighting Fit Momma Foundations program, University of Alberta Physical Therapy, and more
  • Numerous community presentations in person & virtual

Teresa LOVES discussing the intersections of pelvic health, pain and performance in the context of physiotherapy, coaching, and the human experience.  

Reach out if you’d like to connect with Teresa for a podcast, webinar or course!

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