At RX Physiotherapy, our mission is help you redefine your possible.

Whether that means helping with pain, stiffness, or pelvic health concerns like leaking or prolapse, we help people just like you to overcome orthopedic and pelvic health concerns so they can feel strong, capable, and empowered to live their best lives.

We help all genders across the lifespan from kids to pregnancy/postpartum to older adults.

We do this by providing 1 on 1 appointments with extended treatment durations and the individualized care that you deserve.


We believe that our core values should guide us in every decision, acting as the guiding lighthouse for how we show up in the clinic and in life.

We believe that following our core values enables us to deliver the very best physiotherapy experience possible AND also allows us to continue to absolutely LOVE our jobs!

We are physios who CARE.




We believe in connecting with you as fellow humans.  So often in healthcare, this human element is missing.  We want to change that – to make space for you to feel seen, heard, understood, cared for, and supported.  We want to to hear your whole story, to know who you are, your goals, your fears, and your questions.  We want to work together with you to ensure that your treatment recommendations fit YOUR life.  We do this by providing 1 on 1 appointments where you get the dedicated focus and attention of your physiotherapist throughout your session – no offloading of your care to someone else and no waiting as your physio bounces between different clients.  We also provide LONGER appointments so there’s more time for us to really listen, to provide a thorough assessment and individualized treatment, to explain everything, and to answer all of your questions.  We also have PRIVATE treatment rooms because we want you to feel free to fully share without worrying about someone overhearing you on the other side of a curtain.  Our treatment model is different than most physio clinics and it was designed this way to create space for greater connection and greater impact.



We seek to show up with authenticity.  We aren’t perfect humans and don’t expect you to be perfect either.  We welcome you to come as you are – you will find open-hearted acceptance here.  We hold space for our clients to share their journeys with us as we meet them with safety, compassion and understanding.  We take the trust that you place in us seriously.  We promise not to give you any fear mongering bullsh*t because you get enough of that elsewhere and that’s just not how we roll.  We believe in honesty and integrity.  We aren’t afraid to say “I don’t know” when that’s true and at the same time, we will work hard to uncover answers whenever possible.



We believe in having fun and making time for the things that bring us joy. We acknowledge that, as physiotherapists, we show up as our best selves in our clinical work when we’re happy and fulfilled.  We also recognize that burn out is incredibly common in physiotherapists and it’s something we want to avoid.  As a result, we NEVER overload our physios with bookings. (We’ve been there before, in clinics with clients booked every 10-15min and while that’s one way to run a clinic, it will never be our way.)  We will always focus on quality sessions over quantity – we believe this is better for you AND for us.  As physios, we also strive to check in with ourselves and replenish our cups as needed, allowing space for that to look differently for each person – and we help our clients to find ways to do the same.



We seek to continually learn and evolve, both as clinicians and as humans.

We aren’t the physios we were yesterday, and we aren’t who we will be tomorrow.  We are constantly evolving.  All of our physios are fiercely dedicated to continuing education and strive to stay up to date with the most current evidence (which is an ongoing endeavor as new research emerges).  We believe that you deserve a physiotherapist who is constantly striving to bring you the best care possible.  Fortunately, we love learning and wouldn’t have it any other way.